Instructions for setting up Zoom

Here are some simple instructions to set yourself up for zoom.

Also useful to provide to your team or community members prior to running a zoom meeting to ensure all attendees are set up and ready to go.

  1. Download Zoom on your desktop or the app on your device
  • Choose a computer, tablet or phone with a working camera and microphone
  • Download the Zoom software
  • Complete the installation by clicking the downloaded file at the bottom of your browser
  • Follow the prompts to create an account using an email and password
  1. Prepare your space before joining a meeting
  • Position your camera at head-height in a quiet, comfortable space
  • Use your camera application to test angles, background and lighting
  1. Join a meeting
  • By clicking on a Zoom meeting link, your device will automatically prompt Zoom to open and join the meeting
  • Alternatively, click ‘Join’ in the Zoom app, and enter the meeting ID number provided with the invite
  • You may need to wait for the meeting to start or the host to let you in
  1. Participate in the meeting
  • View who is in the meeting by clicking the ‘Participants’ icon at the bottom of the window
  • Click minimise to show only a small window of the person speaking in the corner of your screen, then the green expand button to restore it
  • Use the ‘Share Screen’ icon to select a window to share alongside your webcam. Be sure to click ‘stop share’ when you have finished
  • Toggle your microphone and camera on and off as required by clicking their icons at the left of the control bar
  • View and type in the chat column by clicking its icon in the control bar
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