Why kitchen table conversations?

By October 27, 20148. General News


So you may have heard that we’re making a bit of a fuss of late about kitchen table conversations. But why, what is it all about and what difference can it make?

Well there are many reasons, here’s a few:

1. Build new connections and deeper understanding

You only need to watch the video above to see how much fun it is to catch up with people around food. Add to that a topic to discuss about the future and what matters to you, then you have a great night out of meaningful conversations, you gain a deeper understanding of the people there and you will build new connections or strengthen existing ones as a result.

2.  Generate new ideas, learn new approaches

When people talk about what matters to them and share ideas on how to address associated challenges, new ideas are formed and created. Whether it’s a kitchen table, a cafe, a pub, the place doesn’t actually matter. It’s the conversations and sharing of ideas that make the difference. It’s more than sharing of ideas too. Through these conversations you can pick up new ways of doing things, who knows what you may learn that you can take action yourself straight away.

3. Reengage the broader community about our future

There are many ways you can have a conversation with others about the future or about issues that matter, but it’s not something we do that well as a culture anymore. A planned kitchen table conversation with guidelines is a comfortable non threatening way we can engage others about important matters. If a small group of people start having them and then others attending host one too, there could be a snow ball effect where lots of kitchen table conversations are had in the community, engaging lots more people about the future we want for our community.

4. Influence change

You just don’t know the influence you can have when you share your thoughts and ideas with others. The 500 Conversations idea in Bendigo, to be launched this Thursday, is looking to capture the concepts discussed and then communicate this to the community as well as our leaders.  It’s critical that we encourage more and more people to talk about the issues that matter to them and solutions they have and then communicate this to those that make decisions on our behalf.

Imagine what it would be like if as a community we had a process where everyone got to have a say in a comfortable, non-threatening, engaging, respectful way that could all be brought together and helped shape the future of our town.

I’m up for it, are you?

If so, make sure you get along to Outside the Square this Thursday 7pm and join in the fun!