About Make a Change

Everyday we come across people that want to create change. We also see that many of these people are stopped or they struggle to create the change they wish to see.

At Make a Change Australia we know that making a change isn’t as hard as it seems. In fact, it’s easy! But it’s only easy with these three essential ingredients:

  1. Inspiration – to get going;
  2. Skills – to know what to do; and
  3. Support – to be able to keep going in good times and bad.

With these three things anyone with an interest in making a difference in their organisation or community, can become fulfilled and effective agents of change!

So Make a Change Australia is a social venture set up to provide the three essential changemaking ingredients – inspiration, skills and support. We do this so that people who do want to create change can do so in a way that is easy, effective and has long lasting impact.

The way we do this is by providing:

  1. Initiatives that create connections and inspiration
  2. Training programs and workshops,
  3. Facilitation and capacity building services.
  4. We do all of this in fun, creative and collaborative ways.

We provide opportunities for young people to get involved through our programs and traineeships.

A proportion of the funds we generate from the services we offer go towards our capacity development programs and scholarships.

About Jumpleads NFP

Make a Change Australia is the community development and education division of Jumpleads NFP – a next generation not-for-profit melding the arts and enterprise to bring business and project skills to artists and communities.

Our initiatives focus on innovation, expansion, sustainability and change to deliver tangible economic and creative benefits to individuals, artists, businesses, families and local communities.

Karen Corr
Make a Change Founder and Co-Producer

Karen Corr is an engineer turned changemaker, social entrepreneur and facilitator. She is the founder and Director of Make a Change Australia, an initiative set up to empower people to create change in their own communities.

Karen spent 10 years working as an Environmental Engineer providing technical services and water modelling, sustainability strategies and specialist consulting with a firm focus on the triple bottom line.

In 2009 Karen started her own business EcoSuccess providing sustainability & project management services for business & community. In addition to running her business, Karen invested substantially in local leadership positions including the Inaugural President of the Bendigo Sustainability Group and Chair of the Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance.

Karen is a Fellow of the School for Social Entrepreneurs and was awarded the accolade of Social Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012. She was a 2014 Victorian State Finalist of the Rural Women’s Award.

It was during her time at the School of Social Entrepreneurs that the idea for Make a Change Australia was born. Since then she has been developing and implementing innovative programs to empower people to create change in their communities such as the Inspiration Café, Outside the Square, Expand Your Impact and Let’s Nut it Out initiatives delivering the majority of her work in Central Victoria. A new partnership with Jumpleads NFP has provided opportunities for further expansion across regional Australia.

You can find more information on Karen and her other community work at karencorr.com

Sharon Seyd
Make a Change Co-Producer

Sharon Seyd is an Arts Business Specialist and Producer. In the last 25 years she has started and lead 3 arts and production based organisations: Art House in Hong Kong (1987-97); Theatre Arts Export in Australia (1997- 2012); and now Jumpleads (2008 – present).

Within these organisations she has produced numerous high profile projects for: theatre, film and live events, collaborating with some of the worlds most prestigious artists and companies.

Throughout she has remained committed to education and training in arts business practice, which she has done privately through her consultancy Mosaic since 1997 and is now developing courses for the VCA and Melbourne University.

In 2008 Sharon established Jumpleads a not for profit with DGR status. Started as an ‘arts engine’ – supporting innovative projects lead by independent artists. Successful initiatives include Still Awake Still and Pop Up Art. The drive for Jumpleads has and continues to be, fostering opportunities for artistic collaboration, social enrichment and viability for artists.

In 2014 through new and exciting partnership with Make a Change Australia, Jumpleads has expanded it’s brief to include: the arts, community and enterprise.

And now Sharon works closely with Karen to drive Make a Change initiatives across Victoria and beyond.

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