Who is Going to Lets Nut It Out?

Let’s Nut It Out is a skill development day for changemakers, social entrepreneurs, business and community leaders. To be held on Monday 11 of April at La Trobe University Bendigo, this event is a rare opportunity to get together with like-minded and diverse people with one thing in common – up for making a positive difference.

“Central Victoria is a location renown for innovation in business and community from Bendigo Bank to Haven,” says Karen Corr Director of social enterprise Make a Change. “We are surrounded by expertise and knowledge.  We designed Let’s Nut It Out to connect people in a way that generates solutions and connections.  By working with skilled mentors people can get into the nuts and bolts of their initiative and gain momentum.”

Meg Doller is a changemaker attending Let’s Nut It Out and will be working on series of projects aligned with goals from the Elmore Community Plan. “My partner and I moved to Elmore because of work and we really didn’t have anything to do with the community,” she explains.  “However when we had kids this all changed and once we got involved we got involved in a big way!”

“I feel like the community here are on the cusp of something big, new people and business are moving here and I believe something substantial needs to happen to enrich the arts and culture in our town.”  Meg’s recent show 9×5 opened last month in Elmore and it brought the local arts community together.  “The next step for this project is to engage more people and Let’s Nut It Out is a great way to meet other people and work out the best ways to make this happen.”

From initial stages to something more established, wherever you are at with your changemaking initiative, if you’re stopped, stuck need advice or just looking for some new inspiration this day is for you. “Let’s Nut It Out participants will have opportunity to discuss their project needs with skill mentors in financial management, engagement, project management or collaboration.”

“Funding models and effective ways to bring busy people together to grow a collective project will be my focus at Let’s Nut it Out,” says Janine Coffey student with La Trobe University and member of Vibrant Central Bendigo.  Janine is assisting traders to develop a market square concept for the Myer and Queen Street, intersected by Lyttleton Terrace.  “This area of Bendigo is bustling with people and business – it really has its own personality,” she explains. “This year we have audited businesses in this area and there are a total of 56 shops, 22 of which are food related. Occupancy is at 100% and most of these businesses are independently owned. Our vision is to work collaboratively to grow the identity and vibrancy of this unique precinct of Bendigo.”

Let’s Nut It Out is an initiative of Make a Change Australia, a division of Jumpleads NFP, brought in partnership with La Trobe University, Keech Australia and Lisa Chesters MP.  “Innovation is more than just a buzz word,” says Ms Chesters.  “ I am proud to be a financial sponsor of Let’s Nut It Out as it is an opportunity for local innovators to come together and address individual challenges, collectively.”