Where Do I Start to Make a Change?



Recently we have received emails from people who are frustrated with BIG issues and asking us “Where do I start? 

It really is hard to know where to start when one person is wanting to make a change  and address issues that seem overwhelming like;  homelessness; options for people with a disability; unemployment in regional and rural communities.

At Make a Change our theory of change is with “Inspiration, Skills and Support” one person (or even one organisation or community group) can make a difference to the big issues that face our communities. 

A great resource we use to break down the big issues so you can make a positive start is available to download here.  It is a reflective 5 step process to create your vision and the “map” to take you on the changemaker journey.

Hosting a Kitchen Table Conversation is also a great way to get together with similar minded people and opening up conversations around issues in your community.  A kit to host your own Kitchen Table Conversation is available to download here.

We would love to hear from you and how you make a start create a change.