What is Places for Change?


Bendigo is invited to get creative and re-think our public  and unused spaces, from old churches, to gardens, to urban lane-ways and car parks.  Come along, join the discussion and transform our city for a night or forever!

Over the coming weeks we are going to be sharing with you stories about places that have been activated by community and business.  And stories about what people are dreaming, up for our public and unused spaces.

So what is Places for Change?  It is places like our amazing Bendigo Library.

Bendigo Library is an iconic space for Bendigo, that has been creatively activated to be more than a library.  Mark Hands, the Manager of Community Partnerships and Engagement, explains. “Our library is now one of the biggest in the state, but the collection has not increased in size. Much of our floor is for people to relax, catch up with others and connect with like-minded people.”

Places for Change is hosted by the City of Greater Bendigo and Make a Change Australia.  This community conversation is on at The Old Church on the Hill, Quarry Hill, 7pm on Thursday 15 October 2015.

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