What do YOU reckon ?
What does RESILIENCE mean to YOU ?

In the lead up to our next event, we’re having a BIG conversation about ‘resilience’

Get involved by: sending us a selfie and an answer to this question: What does resilience mean to you?

Email us; share in the comments below; or connect with us on: Make a Change social media
Include the hashtag #whatdoyoureckon #gbc4change and spread the word on your own social media……encouraging others to do the same…..

We’re listening: as this is an important topic, for everyone!
Learn more about ‘why’ – by watching this space and registering for updates

Be heard, in our campaign to Ramp Up Resilience in Greater Bendigo and beyond….with more on this, soon…….

We look forward to receiving your selfie and response : What do YOU reckon….. resilience means to you ?

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In the meantime, register for our next event  Outside the Square Ramp Up Resilience Thursday 27 April, 6.30pm-9.30pm, The Engine Room, 58 View Street Bendigo

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