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  • What’s your one birthday wish for the future?

  • Are you doing anything now to make this happen?

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  • Deb Prentice says:

    My one birthday wish for the future is to improve people’s access to walking – cheap, easy but requires a bit of set up.
    I work for Parks Victoria and am working on a Walks for Women Program in partnership with Victoria Walks – happy to have involvement from any interested parties.

  • Samantha says:

    My wish is to see more support and alternatives for people living with Alzheimer’s in residential facilities. In combination with this, more options for support at home and broader innovative facilities built in the region that live the person centred approach. I’d love to see a vibrant community that allows the creative expression that happens with the physical and behavioural changes associated with it’s progression, more understanding, and holistic alternatives to support this without the overuse of pharmaceuticals. I’d put in the same wish bubble a cure, endless hugs, and oodles of love for families and those living with dementia.

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