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  • Where’s your happy place in nature & why?
  • What’s your favourite activity and why?
  • What do you think about the connection between people and the natural environment?

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  • tim read says:

    – Living in Castlemaine Locally my favorite places are the patches of old growth grassy woodland and boxironbark forests, the wonderful public paths along the creeks that allow a nature filled walk into town, Kalimna Park nestled within the town and the life, clear water, community and swimming at Expidition pass reservoir. Otherwise I love all places where nature is vibrant and creatures are fee to live out their lives as free from human impact as possible.
    – I love walking and swimming in places which retain minimal human impacts. Just siting contemplating nature from the microscale to the macro of the clouds, mountains to a star filled sky without light pollution.
    – Humans are part of nature, collectively we have become a force with the power to massively impact on the earth system, this presents us with a profound responsibility both for the wellbeing of other living beings and for future generations of humans. We have set in train disturbances to earth system processes which will now continue to play out for hundreds of years. I believe other natural beings from ecosystems, to rivers, to species, to individual lifeforms have rights and these rights should be reflected in our culture, legal systems and governance systems. I know from direct personal experience that places where ‘indigenous’ nature, bushlands, waterways, coasts and bays that retain a vibrant presence of ‘wild’ nature are profoundly healing for my mental, spriitual and physical wellbeing.

  • Ivan says:

    •Where’s your happy place in nature & why? Anywhere away from busy roads and city landscapes. Walking tracks in the Strathfieldsaye area are great as are places like the Harcourt Oak Forest or Melville Caves near Inglewood.
    •What’s your favourite activity and why? Taking my Family to the places above and having a BBQ in the outdoors. Just our family spending time together.
    •What do you think about the connection between people and the natural environment? I think the connection has been forgotten for a lot of our youth. I think we need to take kids out of houses and schools and get them to experience the world around them not just through an Ipad or Iphone.

  • John Holton says:

    My happy place is Mt Kooyoora near Inglewood north of Bendigo. The signs of local Indigenous history are everywhere – in the trees, the granite outcrops, the wildlife…
    My favourite activity is walking. I love the low-impact nature of walking through the landscape and the time it allows to really notice what’s happening around you. The small details…the microcosm.
    Ironically, the connection between people and nature is most obvious in our disconnection. The connections between exposure to the natural environment and improved physiological and psychological health are bleeding obvious, but we continue to build environments that disconnect us…at our peril.

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