What Do You Need to Make a Breakthrough?

By June 5, 20158. General News



Let’s Nut it Out is coming to Bendigo in October with the 2015 National Changemakers Festival.

It’s an event for Social Entrepreneurs and Changemakers in Central Victoria to make
a break through in their projects or enterprise by connecting into the
wealth of knowledge we have in Central Victoria.

Last month we did a quick survey and asked the question; “what do you need to make a breakthrough in your project or enterprise?” 

Responses included:

  • Funding Partners

  • Business Development

  • Social Impact Measuring Tools

However, survey results overwhelmingly indicated the most needed element to create a “break through” was collaboration.  Collaboration really is a key element to any changemaking endeavor. With great collaboration the possibilities to make a change are endless. We have created a visual tool of the elements that enable great collaboration.

At Make a Change we believe that often the people and resources to making a project a success it available in your community – it is finding the ways to connect and collaborate.  Let’s Nut it Out will be all about bringing people and resources together in new ways to create the much needed “break through.”

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