What can we do to create a healthy community?

By June 20, 20148. General News

There are so many ways to get fit and healthy in life – from joining a gym to playing a team sport to going for a run or bike ride, to sticking to a healthy eating plan just to name a few.

Why is it then that despite all of the options that are available, and having all the good intentions in the world to keep fit and healthy, we just don’t.  Maybe it’s that life is too busy and it’s too hard to fit it in, or maybe the weather is too cold or the sport we want to do is too expensive. There are so many reasons, and it’s different for everyone, we could write books and books about this!

What if the thing that’s missing is inspiration, a sense of fun and a sense of community? Is it possible to come together and create new and inspiring ways we can encourage health and fitness as a community? If so, what is it we can do if a group of us got together and explored different ideas and approaches? What existing initiatives could be reinvigorated, what new initiatives could be created?

These are the kind of questions we will be exploring at our next Outside the Square event on Thursday 26 June, 7-9pm at the Old Church on the Hill.

If this is something of interest to you then you should definitely get along this Thursday. You’ll get to hear from a range of inspiring speakers and hear about some local examples. You’ll even get to join an existing healthy initiative or start one of your own if you want to.

So what are you waiting for?
Register here now to book your seat!