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This questionnaire is part of Ramp Up Resilience – a community initiative to encourage people to think and talk about the weather and climate. It informs a comprehensive program currently being delivered by not-for-profit Make a Change Australia, within the Shires of Campaspe, Loddon and Bendigo

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  • Neil Jennings says:

    Everyone seems preoccupied with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere but I am concerned with the amount of raw sewage and rubbish we dump in our rivers and oceans .

  • Jason says:

    In context of modern engineering, historical weather information and accuracy of weather and conditions that we monitor: I’m not actually concerned about climate change, I’m more concerned about our focus on demonizing of CO2 for tax purposes while we continue to contaminate our land and water supplies through poor methods of waste disposal. We seem very poorly focused on what will actually have the biggest impact on future generations.

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