We have just completed a comprehensive two year program, working with Greater Bendigo’s Regional Communities and beyond, collectively addressing local and global challenges.

We have worked across themes to:

  • Build stronger connections and ways to look out for each other
  • Create active healthy neighbourhoods
  • Connect with our environment
  • Gear up for the future and a changing economy
  • Encourage new ways of thinking on travelling for work, study and play

Initiatives included:

  • Broad communication and engagement programs
  • Vibrant community forums
  • In-depth skills building and training days

The journey has been both taxing and rewarding with many great outcomes achieved.

We’re grateful to the hundreds who’ve engaged, all wanting to make things a little better for everyone.

Leadership is clearly present in community in all shapes, sizes and levels of influence. Consistent is the core value that: It’s up to us, to make the difference now. This can be from the smallest to the largest of gestures, with the intention to create a positive ripple effect.

Innovation is alive and well in this region: Solutions are being activated by organisations, sectors and people everyday, all in their own way, wanting to contribute and make a difference.

We give special thanks to our program partners; without them this work would not be possible:


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