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  • Melissa says:

    We need to improve walkability in Redan. Most blocks have at least one laneway entrance, & most are indistinguishable from driveways. People driving out of driveways must give way to pedestrians. But too many people are driving fast out of the laneways without looking. Worse, I’ve seen cars turn into the laneways expecting people on the footpath to stop for them, & also driving straight at anyone potentially exiting the laneway. This is a worsening problem, as more houses are being built at the back of blocks using the laneways for access.

  • Bill Clark says:

    I’ve flown kites at the old equestrian centre, now named M R Power Reserve, but I don’t think any one else uses it except the fenced portion for dog walkers. It’s been cleaned up a bit recently with all the old horse stuff removed. It would be a great site for a community picnic or games area. Of course it’s more geographically part of Sebastopol area, but surely that doesn’t stop Redan for claiming it as a great part of Redan too. Bill

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