“There is story and emotion inside of us that many of us don’t get the opportunity to let out and explore,” says Mark Polsen, of Twelve Shed Art Space.  Located in Sailors Gully Road this community art space is dedicated to providing creative experiences to people with disadvantage or disability in Bendigo.

“Our job is to give space and opportunity for people to unlock their creativity,” says Mark. “The art space has evolved from a men’s type shed which was opened as a general workshop space for the community in 2010.  The concept of the men’s shed was too restrictive, and wasn’t in my definition of ‘inclusive’.”

Twelve Shed Arts space adjoins Access Our Shed, part of Access Australia Group, managed by Mark Polsen and co-ordinated by Mellissa Currie. Mellissa says, “We are on the creative journey with people, to change lives. We encourage people to discover and release their natural talent.”  “At this space people can meet new friends, explore their creativity, attend training, and connect with different sectors of the community.”

“Our program has made significant impact on people’s lives and even resulted in employment outcomes, which means that people can be more independent.”

Mellissa Currie added, “Creative Communities is coming at a really great time for us.  We are re-launching next year, we want to connect with more artists and share the resources we have, such as studio space.”

Share your vision for creativity in Bendigo at Outside the Square: Creative Communities

The Schaller Studio
Cnr Bayne & Lucan Street, Bendigo

Monday 14 December 7pm-9pm

Registration 6.30-7pm

Price: FREE