Darren Sharp is a systems entrepreneur and sharing strategist. He’s the Australian Editor of Shareable, a global not for profit that provides news, tools and connections around the “sharing transformation.”

He’s also the Melbourne Coordinator of the Sharing Cities Network. An initiative within Shareable that connects cities and people who are creating human-centred solutions in the areas of food, energy, housing and work.

Shareable describes the sharing transformation as a “movement of movements emerging from the grassroots up, to solve today’s biggest challenges, which old, top-down institutions are failing to address.”

Sharing Cities is something Darren is extremely passionate about.

“We live in an urban century that is tackling issues such as automation, climate change and social disadvantage. It makes sense to develop solutions at a local level.”
Currently sharing has been co-opted by large corporates and has become a battle of winner takes all. AirBnB and Uber are both examples of this.

Ownership of the sharing economy by large corporates is the key issue for Darren. “Disruptive players don’t have a concern for the public domain.”
Shareable and the Sharing Cities Network seek to create and inspire solutions of sharing at the local level that benefits the locals directly.

It’s pretty inspiring to see the depth and breadth of people and cities involved, the stories shared and the tools available through Shareable and the Sharing Cities Network.

Examples include:

  • Seoul, South Korea, a City whose government officially embraced the sharing economy by designating Seoul a Sharing City
  • Green Taxi Co-operative in Denver – a driver owned cab company, which is replacing Uber and keeping profits within the local economy.
  • Map Jam Festival – an event series that maps out as many sharing services in cities and towns around the world.……


Darren is such a great example of a Changemaker finding his passion, imagining the future, creating actions and inspiring others to do the same.
He heard about Shareable and got involved simply by first contacting them and having a conversation via Skype.

Darren started writing for Shareable in 2010 and was involved in launching the Sharing Cities Network.
Now he’s writing and presenting to a global audience and working with local governments to create strategies for change.


Darren’s advice for fellow Changemakers:

“Find your bliss, have the courage to follow through, find your tribe and go on a learning journey together. Don’t reinvent the wheel”


There is a wealth of information, tips, tools and inspiration on the Shareable website and Sharing Cities Network you can use for your own community.
Our advice: tune in and get involved!