“We can build homes that use what we have got in a low cost way.”  Ben Shue is a Tiny Home enthusiast, pictured above with his family in his Axe Creek Tiny Home.

Ben shares his tiny home with his wife Nettie and two sons Jediah and Kobi.  The power used to run their home is as much as a household with two people and it is built and filled with reclaimed materials once again becoming useful.  However for Ben and his family their passion for tiny homes is broader than the sustainability benefits.

“We have lived overseas and seen people live in tin sheds,” Ben explains.  “We have so much.  If we combine our surplus together we are all better off.”

Tiny homes are a solution for affordable homes, crisis housing, student housing and building community through communal cooking and living spaces.

“Poeple might see us a fringe dwellers, but todays problems can’t be solved by today’s thinking.  We need to push the envelope and find new solutions to our housing issues.”

You are invited to join the Outside the Square conversation #homes4change and explore how our homes change as our lives and community change.  

We think it is possible to live in a city that has housing to meet the needs of all of us.  

Click here for more details about Outside the Square, Bendigo 25th of June 2015.