The year of the team!

By December 11, 20148. General News


At the start of the year I set the goal to build a team for Make a Change. Prior to that Make a Change was just me. I did the admin, the marketing, the business development, the event management, the facilitation, the training, everything! I had some help here and there through partnerships with other organisations for particular projects and events but in terms of operations it was just me.

So this year as Make a Change looked to grow and expand I decided it was time to build a team both for my own sanity and also realising that if I was committed to growing the organisation, it just wasn’t possible for me to do it all.

I am now thrilled to say that I have some amazing people on board my team.

Samantha Spence – virtual executive assistant who comes in and helps me get things organised in those really busy periods.

Tamara Marwood – communications and marketing guru who creates and manages the newsletter, the stories and promotion of events and activities.

Anita Dickons – training extraordinaire who worked with me to deliver the Expand Your Impact training and who is set to play an even bigger role in the training component of Make a Change next year.

And I now also have April Merrick who has just come on board to help manage the day to day operations and Sharon Seyd who is my business coach and assists with the bigger picture strategy.

How exciting it is to work with all of them.

If you’re a changemaker wanting to expand your impact in the world, I highly recommend building a team around you too!