The Value of Social & Commercial

By November 1, 20148. General News


“Make a Change builds an individual’s capacity to assist them to operate in a commercial capacity that is viable, engages and has social impact.” 

These are the words of Sharon Seyd, the director of Jump Leads. Her latest innovative business is Pop Up Art, an outlet for artists of Central Victoria to sell work through a mobile gallery and an online store. She has engaged Make a Change to assist her to enable viable social arts enterprise and support regional Victorian economies to grow stronger.

She is in business to create ethical and viable outcomes for small creative enterprises, that in the current regional Victorian economy do not exist. Pop Up Art is a new innovative collaborative business model that creates growth for culture, income for artists and meaningful work.

“Most artists are unable to make art full time, they have a part time job to bring in income and make art around this.  They certainly don’t have the funds to engage services that build their business such as marketing, an accountant, a sales person, and maintain an online presence”.

Leveraging off the number of small arts business in central Victoria she is putting a model in place to enable over 300 regional artist to succeed in business and artistic practice.  Online professional development opportunities for artists to be commercially ready are being launched early November.

Stay in touch with Pop Up Arts news on Facebook. OR go to the web site and press “Keep Me Posted” to be included directly on information and new opportunities