The Squeaky Wheel

By July 16, 2014General News

 Pip Carrol on a bike with the Squeaky Wheel speaking at Outside the Square in Bendigo July 2014

Pip Carrol is the captain of The Squeaky Wheel, a not for profit producing and advocacy organisation celebrating bicycles as vehicles for change. Her passion is bikes and she believes that bike riding transforms cities. 

Speaking at Outside the Square on Thursday the 31st of July Pip will share her vision and experience of what everyday bike riding to give a city and those who live within it wellbeing and social connection.

Pip will be sharing her seven years of experience in devising and delivering grass roots participation and celebration activities.  Check out this clip of Squeaky Wheel’s work  She Spoke in City of Port Phillip – bringing women together to build their skills, networks and community to be confident on their bikes.

Register to attend Outside the Square and hear Pip and others speaking about Bendigo a Cycling City on Thursday the 31st of July 7pm start.