The Importance of Connecting with Fellow Changemakers

By October 28, 20148. General News


I’ve always felt that it’s important as changemakers to stay
connected and regularly catch up with others that are out there making a
difference in their community. That is why I started the Inspiration Cafe, an informal networking evening to meet, exchange ideas,
potentially form partnerships and celebrate the great work we are all
doing within our communities.

But I didn’t really anticipate just
how important it was until I bumped into Hayley the day after our last
Inspiration Cafe event.

Hayley told me that she’d been feeling
really frustrated and angry lately particularly in relation to the issue
of asylum seekers and the appalling approach by the current government.
She’d been feeling so down about it she almost didn’t come.

day I was feeling so frustrated and disgusted with government that I
didn’t want to socialise. I was so cross I was sure I would  bite off
everyone’s head! But I got off my butt and came.  It was great because I
left Inspiration Cafe feeling inspired and rejuvenated. Being around
solution based conversations where people are coming up with ideas and
ways to work together to solve problems and actively supporting each
other in various things going on & celebrating each other changed
everything for me. It is enough to be a cheer squad for each other and
feel like you a part of something positive.”

“It is
a simple thing really getting people together in the same place &
then the good stuff just happens – people face to face not online &
getting away from their usual activity and just be there for each

Trying to solve all the problems of the world can be
lonely and overwhelming so one of the best things you can do is to stay
connected with like minded people and share the inspiring work you do.
This could be through an organised networking event, an informal catchup
over coffee, joining a facebook group or even via a skype call or
google hangout.

Our next Inspiration Cafe will be held in early 2015. Stay tuned for more details to come!

Photo by Ben Shue