“My vision is to build a school.  Build a future for kids who fall through the cracks.”


Melanie Lee is the co-founder and director of The Creative Kind.  I am interviewing her via the phone and she apologies for the barking dogs and singing birds.  I smile and enjoy the rural background noise that drifts into our conversation.

Karen Corr director of  Make a Change was a fellow student with Melanie in 2012 with the School for Social Entrepreneurs.  Since then Mel has made a tree change and has 40 acres of land and a big vision for social enterprise involving land, creativity, food and co-creating.


“There are so many children disengaged from education.  We need a revolution,” Melanie explains. “We need a new system that involves children in the co-creation of making our world.”


As a survivor of childhood abuse and neglect she knows it is possible to change your life. “I broke this cycle and re-wrote my life story.”


Right now the school on Melanie’s land is a dream, but she has a number of resources available for children and their parents and teachers to give children a platform to create their own expression.  Melanie wrote and illustrated “A Girl in the World” and “A Boy in the World”  stories to evoke meaningful conversations about feelings and the ups and downs in life. 


Mel also hosts workshops at schools and kindergartens to create space to share and come up with solutions.

“I am making a change by creating platforms that empower children to connect with their own innate creativity and to amplify their voice.  It isn’t about teaching.  It is about listening and co-creating together.”