The Creative Economy ( The future )



In December 2013 the landmark report: Valuing Australia’s Creative Industries, was published: providing convincing data and discussion to the growing strength of Australia’s Creative Economy

While this was not new information to those invested in arts industry, it provided a compelling academic economic argument, for why we should invest in creative endeavour of all kinds

Minister for Industry, Ian Macfarlane say’s in the forward: ‘Australia depends not only on it’s traditional industries, but on it’s creativity and innovation’

How does this relate to us ?

Central Victoria has an existing vibrant creative community and established visitor trade. We are known and promoted as destinations for cultural and creative experiences.
It seems, however, that local creative economies are not directly benefiting from this promotion and the growing reputation that is taking place as a result.  

Arts businesses and enterprises appear to be under-performing in the market, their return from investment does not commensurate with their actual place in the identity and activity of local economic life.

Many artist businesses lack the resources to specifically address the supply chain or any of the marketing aspects of innovative arts enterprise.

Concentration of skill and effort is largely in creation of the product rather than in distribution, sales and marketing.

How can we help ?

Come along to explore this question for yourself on : 14 December 2015
Outside the Square: Creative Communities
The Schaller Studio
Cnr Bayne & Lucan Street, Bendigo
Registration 6.30-7pm
Price: FREE
Hear more about local projects and individuals who are tackling these challenges and exploring new solutions to enable this important development for our future