“It took me sometime to grow the courage to accept that my social enterprise had come to an end”.

In our Make a Change Changemaker Showcase we ask the
question “How are you making change?”  This month we are interviewing Jac Torres-Gomez, who Karen met through  School for Social Entrepreneurs. Jac recently announced the closure of her social enterprise The Crimson Movement.  Jac shares with us her journey as a Changemaker from “doing” to the benefits of “not doing”.

In 2010 Jac realised the need for an organisation to empower communities to understand and address the barriers facing women due to menstruation. Over time The Crimson Movement grew to become an umbrella organisation creating linkages between projects, funding, advocacy groups and resources for women throughout the world.

Mid last year she witnessed the network evolve and grow so big that perhaps she had made herself redundant.  It was clear to Jac that activity and linkages were sparking well together and they would continue to do so without the Crimson Movement!

“There was something going on with my ego,” Jac shared. “If I closed The Crimson Movement  it meant that I failed, but if I kept going with a redundant  organisation it doesn’t serve anyone.”

It took Jac three months to grow the courage to accept she had achieved her goal of empowering communities to both advocate and create resources for women.  Through the process of winding down The Crimson Movement she started creating a less chaotic space in her life.

“When you are running any sort of project you are committed to, you need time to slow down so you can feel full and satisfied.  If you don’t you will never witness the results of all your hard work unfold on their own.” Jac goes onto say when I ask her what is next; “I am taking lots of walks, doing yoga and being quiet so that I can hear what is next for me.”

Jac is the author of Cycling to Grandma’s House, a beautiful picture book about a young girl learning the many ways that different cultures celebrate menarche – a girl’s first period. Jac has over 10 years experience working in facilitation and teaching in community development contexts in Australia and overseas.

Written by Tamara Marwood of Create Business. Tam is a maker, player and communications expert working across community, commercial, and the not for profit sector.