Synergize Hub

By August 13, 20148. General News

Synergize Coworking Hub is a collaboration of mircro-businesses passionate about creating a bright
future for their clients and the wider community. The Hub see unlimited
possibilities in themselves and others and advocate for all to shine.


Together they generate solutions that create a ripple effect of growth,
empowerment and lasting change. Making a stand for what they believe in
and support each other to thrive, by living a balanced, healthy, life. Meet some of the Hub members talking about Synergize on Youtube.

Clare Fountain of Sorted for Life, is one of the founding members of the Hub. In September 2012 she moved in with nine other micro business owners into Bendigo’s first co-working space, based on a model of values and collaboration. 

This working space is unique as it is set within another business Haven.  The Hub share floor space and facilities with the Haven team who have been incredible in supporting the Synergize Hub members to create an awesome place to work together.  

The Hub currently have a couple of shared desk spaces available, so if you want to come on board email Clare and she will send you further information.