At Make a Change, we support positive change in communities.
We do this by:


creating connections
guiding interaction
and fostering leadership of all kinds.

This includes the standouts as well as emerging, or as yet unidentified leaders.

At our core, we acknowledge the enormous generosity and contributions people bring to living together effectively and the collective desire for a positive future.
Our basic tools are a series of programs including: What do you Reckon, Outside the Square, Let’s Nut it Out and Expand Your Impact.
All programs include intensive pro active communications / engagement / an event.


But our real work is in the ripple effect of finding, then telling peoples positive local stories; opening up channels to share; encouraging people to build upon their great work; and in forging sustainable connections.

As an example, we worked in the Lancefield region from February 2016 to August 2016:

Adam Fennessy invited us to run our program in the region – looking for innovative ways to support longer term positive change. In this case for a fire effected community, but generally to observe different methods for community development and strengthening, supporting people to create the changes they want to make.

The challenge was to build new relationships and trust quickly, so we started with a ‘soft’ campaign called ‘What do you reckon’ – asking local people what they wanted and needed for their towns.
Then we ran Outside the Square on the theme Celebrating Community. This was to acknowledge the work already being undertaken in the community, as well as provide a space for new ideas to emerge.
Let’s Nut it Out followed as a more intensive work day to help people create the next steps for their ideas and projects.  This was facilitated with the assistance of five local mentors, who we enlisted to provide additional support and advice.
Our final event, Expand Your Impact, focused on providing specific skills to assist leaders when up against the challenges of sustaining their projects. The projects people brought to this day were inspiring and included: History Involvement Project, Emergency Response Fire Plans, Romsey Welcome Packs, CWA Membership Drive.
Our reach has been extensive including 15+ media stories, 8000+ reach on social media, direct invitations and emails to 400+ people, 2500+ flyer and poster distributions. Distribution of information through 13 community networks that we know of and 40+ face to face meetings.
All our feedback has been extremely positive, new connections have been made, new ideas have formed and existing projects strengthened.
Find out more about our programs for change and contact us if you would like us to deliver a program in your community.