Let’s talk about the weather!

Most days our news feed will highlight a weather event, somewhere in the world. It’s a good day when there is no loss of life, and property damage is minimal.

This initiative is designed for us to ‘talk about the weather’ in OUR region: what have we noticed? what are the changes? what do we reckon? and what can we do?

To get involved you can simply come along for a cuppa and have a chat, or you can connect with others who are interested in innovative solutions now.

These are casual inclusive discussions, hosted by Buloke and Northern Grampians Landcare with local presenters talking about a range of topics like adaptive gardening, future farming, upcycling & local food.

See below for more information and details on specific events, dates and venues.

Join us for a cuppa, cake and some local wisdom...

Backyard & Bigger | Adaptive Gardening 

Thursday, 14th April 10:30am – 11:30am

Greentime Nursery St Arnaud, 5961 Sunraysia Hwy, St Arnaud

Upcycling | Creativity + Innovation

Friday, 29th April 10:30am – 11:30am 

St Arnaud Raillery Hub, St Arnaud Station, Queens Ave, St Arnaud

Future Farming

Thursday, 12th May, 10:30am – 11:30am 

Burrumbite Farm, 894 St Arnaud-Wycheproof Road, Sutherland 

Indigenous & Local Food 

Thursday, 26th May, 10:30am – 11:30am 

St Arnaud Town Hall, 40 Napier St, St Arnaud

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You can also tell us what you reckon...

Tell us what you think about the weather

We’d love to hear from you! 

Get in touch via phone, text, or via: bit.ly/starnaud-wdyr

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Everyone is welcome to take part!

Our Morning Tea topics will address a range of themes related to weather, climate and adaption with an added opportunity to include more complex themes such as:

  • Our Region’s responses to climate change
  • Coordinated, resourced and evidence-based responses
  • Protected and resilient biodiversity and natural ecosystems
  • Sustainable and climate-ready economies
  • Farming as well-adapted to the changing climate
  • A built environment that is more resistant to weather extremes
  • Individuals and communities proactively reducing their climate-related risk
  • Our vulnerable people being supported to adapt to climate change

OR anything else you’d like to discuss!


For additional resources related to this topic visit: https://www.bnglandcare.org/resources

Please also get in touch with Buloke and Northern Grampians Landcare Network via:
Website: https://www.bnglandcare.org
Directly: Andrew Borg on 0407 856 227 or [email protected]
Or stay connected via: www.facebook.com/bnglandcarenetwork

For more information and questions get in touch with the Make a Change team via:
[email protected] or 0483 104 361