Social Enterprise of the Year Finalist

We are thrilled to be recognised and legitimised, for ourselves and changemakers everywhere!!!

Embarking on a career as an engineer as I departed through the gates of Melbourne University into the big wide world, like most graduates my focus was on becoming something people could respect and recognize.

By my 30s I had already reinvented myself as a changemaker, with my own spelling and no idea what this would mean….other than knowing change was critical and, in my hands immanent. Something had to change…

For a decade I have filled the title Changemaker with meaning, linked to other changemakers locally, nationally and globally, realized I’m not alone and most importantly created an organization that is doing great work.

Recognition for all of this reached new heights this month as Make a Change was short listed as a Finalist in the Bendigo Business Excellence Awards, along with other very well established contributors Amicus Disability Services (29 years) and Bendigo Community Health Services (40 years).

It was really nice to rub shoulders with these terrific organizations and congratulations to Bendigo Community Health Services who took out the award.

A huge acknowledgement goes to all the people and organisations that make our work possible. This includes:

– our volunteers, team, supporters,

– all the people who come to our events,

– all those who participate in our online and street engagement activities,

– all of the visionary leaders who back our work and invite us to undertake culture change and engagement for their own organisations and communities.

Finally thanks to Bendigo Business Excellence Awards, for recognising that positive change is critical to our collective future and that activation of this is both a credible and an important business service.

Make a Change Australia is a division of Jumpleads NFP. We provide Professional Services in the areas of culture change, community development, community engagement and social entrepreneurship. Contact us to see how we can assist you or your organisation make a change.