We recently had the privilege of running a program for the Echuca Special Olympics Club. They came to us wanting assistance in reinvigorating their organisation. Whilst there were people committed to the organisation they were feeling burnt out and they wanted more volunteer involvement. They also wanted to better engage with their athletes.

We created a program called Reigniting the Flame and it was a huge success. It involved running a half day workshop that brought together the athletes, volunteers and committee. They were empowered to create their own ideas of what they wanted to see happen in their club and they were given ownership on how to make that happen.

It was a joy to work alongside the President of the Club Elaine Hamilton to make this happen and we had some lovely feedback from her too:

“Thank you so much for your involvement in reigniting the flame of Special Olympics in Echuca Campapse!

It has worked wonders!!!  We had our AGM on the Monday after and had a wonderful turnout and now have a strong, reinvigorated Club Leadership Team – including me at the helm (for a little bit longer anyway:))  We also had a fantastic Christmas break up out at Billabong Ranch where I was able to introduce the new leadership team and share some of the ideas that were generated at the RTF workshop.  We even have our first fundraiser of the year on this Sunday!

The final report was perfect and will be our guide for continuing to move forward in 2016.”

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