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By September 11, 20178. General News

Outside the Square – Creating Our Future is a community event taking place on Thursday 21 Sept at La Trobe University’s Rural Health School, 6.45pm to 9.30pm.

This FREE event is a chance to hear from people who are actively involved in making a change and will provide an opportunity for others to have a go too.

“There’s a lot of really great projects in the Bendigo region that are about making a difference on all sorts of issues” says event organiser Karen Corr of Make a Change, “But it’s going to take a lot to create the future we want, and it starts with a wish – a desire to do something more, something different, something now”

In the lead up to the event, the Make a Change team have been asking people what their one birthday wish for the future is.

These conversations have uncovered many different aspirations – from holidays, time with family and being safe and healthy; to respect towards people of different backgrounds, better technology for the environment and even the big ones like world peace!

Colin Lambie, Bendigo Sustainability Group says his one wish for the future is “for Bendigo to become 100% powered by renewable energy,” and Abe Watson, local artist and production manager says he’d like to see “arts in Bendigo and Central Victoria further resourced.”

Khayshie Tilak Ramesh from Young People for Refugees wishes for “Bendigo to become a much more inclusive place with more youth inclusion opportunities in social justice.”

“Creating Our Future is the theme of this next event to explore the issues, celebrate the wins, and shed new light on action we can take now, in order to contribute to a better tomorrow” says Karen.

“Taking a positive step does not have to be a breakthrough in ‘rocket science’. It can simply be about – Where am I headed and what can I do now?”

Everyone is welcome to attend Outside the Square – Creating Our Future Thursday 21 September, 6.45pm at La Trobe University Rural Health School.

Register at https://ots-creating-our-future.eventbrite.com.au
For more information or interviews, contact Karen Corr 0419 006243

Creating Our Future Speakers include:

Ian Mc Burney (MC), Rob Stephenson, La Trobe University; Dave Hughes, Be Bendigo; Julie Miller Markoff, BHive Bendigo; Colin Lambie, Bendigo Sustainability Group; Talya Hansen, Young People for Refugees and Garage People; Abe Watson, Production Manager; Jida Gulpilil, Gulpili Australia and Boort Cultural Experiences.

A campaign in the lead up to the event

For the last month in the lead up to the event the Make a Change team have been out and about asking locals these two questions:

What is your birthday wish for the future ?

Are you doing anything now to make it happen?

The questions have reconnected people to their hopes and dreams and uncovered the ordinary ways people are already take the steps towards building the future.

You can find out more about this campaign here

More Information

Image of speakers in action attached. Pictured from left to right:

Khayshie Tilak Ramesh, Young People for Refugees; Colin Lambie, Bendigo Sustainability Group; Abe Watson, Production Manager; David Hughes, Be.Bendigo and Bendigo Inventor Awards

This initiative is part of Greater Bendigo’s Curriculum for Change: a series of discussions and events throughout 2017, underlining how each and everyone of us can play a part in creating the future we want. Sign up to our e-news to stay in the loop, receive updates and direct event invitations !

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