Ramp Up Resilience – Coming Soon…

A Pilot Program: Designed to increase locally led Climate Change Solutions


Resilience is the ability to recover quickly in times of difficulty. Resilient communities are connected communities. “They are flexible and resourceful together, with the capacity to accept uncertainty and proactively respond to change” (Craig Lapsley, EMV CBEM Approach)

Communities play a critical role in addressing climate change challenges; well-resourced communities are already responding with their own unique solutions. The problem is that the issues of climate change are huge and complex. More collaboration across sectors is required, and more people need to be involved and take action.

Ramp Up Resilience is a pilot community engagement initiative, to be delivered across two neighbouring Victorian regional Shires. The final location will be selected according to the greatest need. The aim is to activate community, to expand upon emerging local solutions, and address the challenges and issues arising from Climate Change. Themes such as water, agriculture, biodiversity, health and wellbeing, renewable energy, local food supplies will be covered.

The initiative will be delivered by Make a Change Australia, in partnership with the Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance (CVGA) and other key agencies. It will be a combination of well devised communications, face-to-face community engagement, and a series of events/workshops. It is specifically designed to:

  • Generate and invigorate community and local government discussion
  • Seek out and encourage leadership (known, emerging and potential)
  • Explore ‘what’s possible?’, focusing on uncovering relevant/viable project opportunities
  • Connect people to one another by increasing participation in local initiatives
  • Encourage action, inspire collaboration and support people to realise solutions
  • Expand potential for existing relevant projects that work towards collective community goals to address climate change challenges

This work will build on the aims of the Victorian Government, the work of the CVGA and other stakeholder and affiliated organisations of the region.

Confirmed partner organisations include: The Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation; Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance for Loddon and Campaspe Shire Councils; Bendigo Sustainability Group; North Central CMA; and Coliban Water. Supporting organisations include: Goulburn Broken Greenhouse Alliance; Foundation for Regional and Rural Renewal; Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning; Australian Red Cross; and Emergency Management Victoria.

“Now it’s the age for the translator… It’s the age for combining what we already have into what we need.”  Van Jones