Let’s Nut It Out Southern Grampians

Our recent Let’s Nut it Out day in Southern Grampians Shire was a great success. 40 community members from towns across the Shire gathered to nut out their projects with peers and mentors.

For more information about Let’s Nut it Out and how to host one in your area, go to www.makeachange.org.au/nut-it-out.

The Southern Grampians Shire Council recognises there are many leaders in their community and saw Let’s Nut it Out as an opportunity to provide additional training to take projects and ideas to the next stage.

“We saw this as a day to support our community leaders, both established and emerging. Encouraging people to get together and build capacity for projects, events and initiatives they are involved in.” said Michael McCarthy, Director Shire Futures.

People attended with all sorts of projects in mind – examples included creating a bean bag cinema, building a monumental park, rolling out an early years literacy program and creating a new outdoor festival to raise money for the CFA and SES.

Local mentors attended to assist in the nutting out of project challenges. Mentor skills ranged from small business startup, marketing, getting more people on board, funding and working with volunteers.

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