How can your not-for-profit organisation or social enterprise make a change?

We’ve been assisting not-for-profits and social enterprises for many years, and know each one is different. You’re already committed to your community; we can help you develop further by:

  • Facilitating in house workshops and training for volunteers and staff on how to run a project, how to build up a team, how to engage communities and how to do all of this without getting stressed and burnt out.
  • Assisting with fundraising and communication strategies
  • Practical support to get grant funding and to create and implement initiatives
  • Developing social innovation projects
  • Implementing community engagement and stakeholder relations
  • Assistance with developing policies and how to do that in a way that brings in the views of your members and stakeholders
  • Facilitating initiatives that focus on “collective impact” ie bringing together other organisations working in the same issue area as your organisation and facilitating a collective approach to creating that change


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