Let’s Nut it Out is a networking, resource building and critical skill development workshop for: leaders, changemakers, social entrepreneurs and visionaries of all kinds.

Participants share their vision and what they are working on, hear from inspiring speakers, work in groups to address key challenges, access mentors with key skill areas to share and form new relationships to assist in developing their ideas.

The day is designed to be interactive and make the most of the wisdom of the group. Using a peer-to-peer learning model assisting each other “Nut Out” their challenges to help move their projects forward. This model recognises that in community there’s an abundance of knowledge and experience to draw upon.

During the event, we ask people what they need assistance with right now.

Then using the wisdom of the group and experience of the Make a Change team, we go through projects and nut out tips, tools, strategies, collaborative solutions and next steps.

We tailor the event to suit the needs of those attending through a comprehensive pre-event communications and engagement process. This includes: design, length of time and location

Let’s Nut it Out Romsey

We ran Let’s Nut It Out in Romsey as part of the Lancefield Cobaw Make a Change Program. It was for people wanting to build momentum for their group, project or initiative with real impact, new solutions and powerful connections.

Let’s Nut it Out Southern Grampians

We held a Let’s Nut it Out day in partnership with Southern Grampians Shire in Hamilton on Sunday 19 June 2016

The event was a great success. Read our summary of the day including some great words of wisdom from the local mentors that helped out on the day.

Let’s Nut it Out Bendigo

Our recent Let’s Nut it Out day held in Bendigo was a great success.

Video courtesy of Peter Weaving Photography

We run Let’s Nut it Out for various themes and applications.
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