Greater Bendigo’s Collective Curriculum for Change was a series of discussions, events and programs held throughout 2017 and 2018, underlining how each and everyone of us can play a part in creating the future we want.

The initiative covered some big topics such as:

  • Building stronger connections and looking out for each other
  • Creating active healthy neighbourhoods, connecting with our environment
  • Gearing up for the future and a changing economy
  • Encourage new ways of thinking on travelling for work , study or play

From 2017-2018, all locals and organisations from the Greater Bendigo region were invited to participate in many ways – online, via email, coming along to special events for a cuppa and good discussion, taking part in training programs to forward projects or even running a special event, as part of the Curriculum.

This 18 month initiative included 8 broad communications campaigns, 6 capacity building programs, 650+ participants, and reached thousands more through 60+ media and news stories.

Whether thinking about these topics for the first time or being actively involved for many years, the Curriculum provided a great opportunity to raise awareness, introduce new ideas, expand existing initiatives, create new outcomes and collaborations, for the benefit of our whole community.

The ripple effect of this will have positive impact for years to come.

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