Expand Your Impact is a series of workshops (Units) developed to support changemakers and community leaders grow in their success when working tirelessly to implement their projects, often as volunteers, with limited funds and resources.

The program consists of online workshops for people of all ages who initiate projects encompassing social, health and well-being, sustainability and community wide challenges.

The workshop series content typically includes the following six topics and can be tailored to meet community needs if required:

1. Vision: Discover and rediscover ‘what lights you up?’

2. Projects: Give your ideas structure to ‘make them happen’

3. Story: Create your compelling narrative – to ‘engage others’

4. Team: Build networks, grow communities & enlist ‘support’

5. People: Work together effectively for ‘greater outcomes’

6. Digital Tools: Navigate the online world with ‘impact’

The program includes a free 6-part email providing inspiration & food for thought on the program themes, as well as access to a supportive network for ongoing sustainability.

Relevant for anyone who wants to do more, learn more, connect better, or be generally more effective. They are an opportunity to develop new skills and discover practical solutions in a fun, friendly format.

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