Expand Your Impact is a skills building program for people who want to DO better. Those who share the desire to contribute & grow their success.


It’s for people who work tirelessly for others, often as volunteers with limited funds & resources. And small purpose driven teams, working to improve things for themselves, their teams, & their communities.

Expand Your Impact aims to address common challenges faced when working to make projects happen.

Program themes include:

  • Getting connected to ‘vision’
  • Providing structure to projects
  • Creating a compelling narrative to engage others
  • Building networks to enlist support
  • Collaborating & working effectively in teams
  • Navigating the online world strategically

We deliver the program in partnership with four to six Councils &/or other organisations. This helps participants grow networks with like-minded people in & outside their own communities. As well as gain inspiration, share wisdom & access new support.

Expand Your Impact builds optimism & a ‘can do’ approach. To date it has supported many different types of projects across Victoria. This includes in recovery, resilience building, community planning, environment, health & well-being & more.

See below for news on some of our past programs…

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