PIC CAPTION: (Top shows) High Schools across Australia’s 20 EcoZones, (below right to left) Ian Chambers, Young Australians’  Plan for the Planet Program global director, Cheryl Campbell and Greg Campbell, project office team.

We recently caught up with Changemaker Greg Campbell in Sydney. Greg is involved in the Young Australians’ Plan for the Planet Program.

Their big plan for change involves connecting schools across Australia to be a significant part of creating the solutions.


Q. What is your project name? 
A. Young Australians’ Plan for the Planet Program

Q. How would you describe your project in one sentence?
A. Showing youth and everyone that together we can build a sustainable world

Q. What are you aiming to achieve?
A. Global participation of youth, working out what needs to be done locally and globally for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and how to plan it using proven business principles so we may all share the process.

Q. What have you achieved so far?
A. Eight months participation of High School student teams across Australia’s 20 EcoZones who are currently preparing their Local sustainability plans to combine them into a National plan being presented to Canberra in Science week this August.

Q. What are your next steps?
A. Assisting the student teams to compile their EcoZone plans then National plans, holding the ACT event and following up global interest in replicating the plan. We’re well on the way. You can find out more here.

Q. What’s one piece of advice you can give others who set out to make a change in their community?
A. Work out the major priorities, aiming to include everyone, develop a good plan and put this into action, prioritising and keeping it all as simple as possible, and have fun along the way!

In the lead up to our next event on the theme “Connecting” we are asking people what they reckon. We asked Greg what he reckoned too, his responses are below:


Q. Where’s your happy place in nature & why?
A. Anywhere there’s trees. (they were the first thing I could draw well) They’re everyone’s friend, the more the better.

Q. What’s your favourite activity and why?
A. a) Promoting positive change, cause it feels good.
A. b) Laughing, cause it’s funny. So how do insects communicate? Flea-mail.

Q.What do you think about the connection between people and the natural environment?
A. We never could live without it, some seem to have just forgotten this. If the environment collapses…

If you want to tell us what you reckon, or have your own changemaking story to share, please do get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.