Outside the Square Brings People with Solutions Together

Outside the Square was the momentum that brought together different and diverse interested parties to realise Bike Bendigo“.

These are the reflections of changemaker Geoff O’Sullivan, president of Bike Bendigo.

Bike Bendigo, is a volunteer group of  passionate biking people.  From lycra early morning devotes to commuters who peddle with high heels. Bike Bendigo’s core business is everyday people on bikes.  Their one objective is to get more people on bikes in Bendigo.

“So many people attended the forum, all with a passion in cycling, but with a different perspective,” Geoff explained, “A huge range of rich and different ideas were exchanged and this became the foundation for continuing to connect people and cycling together.  We have a great new members on our committee, (we are about to undertake strategic planning).  We have a big mail out list to communicate with people and also a Facebook page.”

Coming up is Pushy Women with The Squeaky Wheel. A free social training course  designed to develop the skills and
the knowledge needed to ride a bike for transport, and to create
networks for continued riding.

Here are just some of their achievements since coming together mid last year:

– ‘Free Wheeling’ bike recycling is going great guns.

– Almost at 400 followers on facebook.

– Sponsored Women’s International Madison team.

– Successful funding for ‘Bendigo Pushy Women’

– Supported Bike Force Bendigo (bike shop) to start offering Hire Bikes.

– Provided supervised Bike Parking across the CBD all weekend at Easter

– Participated in the Gala Parade on Easter Sunday

– Welcomes ANOTHER bike shop to Bendigo

– Ran a marquee and display at the Jayco Herald Sun Tour village

– Celebrated the completed of the Golden Square High Street Underpass

Stay in touch with Bike Bendigo on Facebook and join them on the streets of Bendigo.

For the team at Make a Change the outcomes of bringing people together to address the challenges in their own community through Outside the Square is truly a rewarding experience.  We are  excited to be soon announcing our program and partners for our 2015 Outside the Square program in Bendigo.

Do you have momentum building around an issue in your community and need that extra impact to take it to the next level?  We can bring Outside the Square to your community and make the change with you.  Contact us to talk more.