Outside the Square 2016 An Invitation


People have been writing to me asking me to respond to the recent events in my home town Bendigo – asking me to make comment & take action. On a personal note I have been disheartened by the unrest in our community and have been working out how best I can positively contribute and how together we can create a long term solution.

Professionally speaking the role of Make a Change, is to provide a neutral space for community to make good things happen. In this, I am proposing that the Outside the Square Series for 2016 adopts the theme “Living Together” with a focus on diversity and respect.

Topics could cover – understanding the point of view of others  ( Embracing Diversity ) ( Collaboration ) ( Communication and Relationship ). As with all we do, the emphasis would be on sharing ideas, concerns, thoughts and perhaps even fears in order to create new collaborative initiatives for understanding.

Similarly to this year, it would be a program to include 3 events with different but related themes. It would include strategic pre event engagement to reach out to diverse audiences.

It is essential to the success of this engaging and community changing program that key community partners join us. It is the diversity and breadth of interaction that offers possibilities and real outcomes for communities.

If you can be a funding partner – please be in touch with us as soon as possible. Then let’s make a time to talk and we’ll provide you with the program specifics, to enable clear decision making for you.

Opportunities to come on board a partner close 1 December 2015.