John Lennon encouraged us to Imagine…to see a VISION for a better world….and we see this, in action – everywhere!

In 2016, we had the privilege to work with community and leadership at all levels.

We continue to be inspired by the extraordinary ideas ordinary people bring into existence…Welcome packs for new neighbours, community gyms, bean bag cinemas, a region wide community giving day, collaborative art spaces, inclusive communities and more…

Local Businesses that want their Cities and Towns to be Smarter, with eyes on creating a better future now…

And Government organisations working on: Community at the Centre; Safer and More Resilient Communities; developing a Creative Hub….

We told the stories of great people doing great things…from Lancefield…to South Grampians….to Kings Cross. And we made many new friends along the way.

For ourselves, we are more committed than ever. We have raised the bar to attract real partnerships, with motivated people. People who are willing to invest themselves and their organisations to make real and lasting positive change.

Here’s our formula for 2017:


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