One Person Makes a Change

By February 12, 20158. General News

Kia Smith is spending four months with a canoe, a paddle and her dream to make a change on the Murray River.

A recent participant in Expand your Impact
and mentored by Karen Corr, Kia found the courage to step forward and
take on this exciting and huge challenge. ” I would not have the courage to make a
difference using my passion and dare to think I could make a difference, just one
person. One person can contribute to a different world through their
actions no matter how big or small”.

Leaving on the 28th of February 2015 Kia is walking to the
source of the Murray River at Mount Kosciusko.  After paying homage to
the beginning of this mighty river, she is walking out and putting in her canoe at Towang.  Here her true journey will begin, a journey to connect herself, and other people in her life in a
deeper way, to the river.

“In our daily lives, in urban spaces, I can’t
fully immerse myself into the natural environment.” Kia shares.
“I have a feeling that we are all disconnected to nature, simply because we don’t
spend enough time in nature. I am planting a seed for change and deeper relationships with the Murray by sharing my story
of this journey with family and friends and on my blog The River Mouth.”

Key supporters to make Kia’s trip possible include Paul Lamb of Think Food, Think Life and La Trobe University.

Photo Credit : Nina Birss

Written by Tamara Marwood of Create Business.  Tamara is a maker, player and communications expert working across community, commercial and the not-for-profit sector.