Office for Social Entrepeneur at Synergize Hub

By September 11, 20148. General News



The Synergize Hub is offering to host a social entrepreneur in their co-working space for a 12 month sponsored desk.

I am so grateful for the opportunity I have had being the first sponsored Social Entrepreneur in Synergize Hub. When the hub was first being formed, I desperately wanted to be a part of it, but because Make a Change was still in the very early stages of development I couldn’t yet justify the monthly rental fee. When I was offered a place as the social entrepreneur I was thrilled. Starting your own social venture from scratch is a huge undertaking and at the time I was working on it from home which was quite isolating and very distracting!

It’s hard to describe in words what moving into the hub has meant for me and my business. I have got so much out of it. I’ve had a dedicated space away from the distractions of home to concentrate on my Make a Change business and it has grown from strength to strength since I’ve been here.

Through interactions with the other hubsters, I’ve picked up so many tips and tricks for my business, from productivity to marketing to digital media and more. I’ve been able to bounce off many ideas and created new ideas as a result of our conversations. But most of all I’ve felt supported along the way – on days where I’ve felt this new business venture is getting all too hard, I’ve had people around me willing to listen to where I’m at, and as small business owners themselves, they totally understand where I’m coming from. That’s the most amazing thing about the Hub. It’s like working in an office with a supportive team except we don’t have to employ each other. I recommend the Hub to any start up social entrepreneur, it’s the perfect environment to get your idea growing. Apply Now!