Nutting it Out in Bendigo

Let’s Nut it Out is a professional development workshop for changemakers to share their projects with their peers and receive advice from skill mentors, with the aim to nut out solutions, networks and ideas to create new momentum and overcome challenges.

We wanted to share with you the invigorating connections, discussions and solutions from a recent Let’s Nut it Out in Bendigo.

“We work with Changemakers all over Australia, “ says Karen Corr, Director of Make a Change Australia.  “We saw an overwhelming need in Central Victoria to invest into people who are setting up innovative business ideas and community projects that make a difference.  We wanted to create a day were people can nut out their projects with their peers and skill mentors in their community.”

Supported by Jumpleads NFP, La Trobe University, Lisa Chesters MP and Keech Australia, Let’s Nut it Out delivered an amazing day of sharing, learning new skills, problem solving, and lots of networking.

Changemakers from the arts, sustainability, health, performance, sport and community sectors spent time prior to the event establishing what aspect of their project they will focus upon.  Skill Mentors, who are leaders in our local community with expertise in a particular area, were on hand to delve deeper into the focus areas of strategic connections, funding, marketing, and community engagement and project stakeholders.

Participants like Rebekah Hone reflected,  “My project really needed a network to grow and this morning I have met people with whom I can build my project with.”

“I found the session with the mentor very informative and the crowd funding got me. I am going to give it a go,” said Sharon Hiley. “Meeting with others and discussing my project has affirmed to me that I am heading in the right direction.”

“It is very good to have different people providing different ideas from different angles.  Talking to different people forces you to clarify your project so you can share clearly,” Wendy Radford,

Vern Hardie shared, “I like the idea of being able to talk to lots of different people. I want to meet other people who are interested in working with young people.”

Skill Mentors Share Their Golden Tips

Paul Kooperman The Field Trip

When seeking sponsorship or fundraising dollars don’t call it sponsorship. Rather join with a partner and collaborate together and build a long term working relationship.

Chris Kelly CEO Central Goldfields Library

If you want to create change it is important to energise the people with whom you are working. Regularly have conversations with others about the vision and in a collaborative way that creates that vision.

Keith Sutherland Chairperson Bendigo Heath Foundation

Grow your brand by giving – to give is to receive.

Sharon Seyd, Director Jumpleads NFP

Listen to the gifts that people bring and then think how to engage them in your project.

Ann Lansberry, Executive Officer Community Foundation Central Victoria

Find people who are going to support you and work with you – a one-man band isn’t going to get you very far. To be sustainable you need other people working on your project with you.

Dennis Barnet, Partner AFS Accountant

Remember the ET theory you aren’t alone. You might have reservations about where you are at in your project. Despite this, get as many names and numbers as you can and make a network to drive yourself forward.

Glenn Harvey, Marketing Manager Bendigo Tourism

When you are looking to approach someone who is like-minded and supports your project’s value, think about what you can offer them.

Sue Masters, Marketing and Communication Director Haven; Home Safe

Believe in your story and have confidence. Tell your stories, share your experience and be proud of your experiences. Find out what you are good at and do it over again and again.

I think it is safe to say our hunch to bring people together to nut it out was right,” smiles Karen.

“Whether as a speaker, sponsor, mentor, participant or part of the Make a Change team, what was most evident to me was the extraordinary leadership that was present on the day. The participants were all at different stages of their changemaking journey and many could have easily taken a role as a mentor or speaker or organiser. This is exactly why we wanted to create this peer to peer learning day, utilising the enormous experience amongst us and sharing with each other to forward our collective vision to make a difference in our region. ” continues Karen.

“The buzz and energy in the room was amazing and the feedback following the event has been overwhelmingly positive. I particularly loved seeing the number of people who met others working on similar issues who will now collaborate. I was also thrilled when people came up to me later and said their whole project completely mapped out. To me this reinforces the need for days like this and the benefits of bringing changemakers together across sectors and experience levels. The potential for collaboration and creating change across the region at a whole new level is huge and it’s extremely inspiring.”

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If you’d like to run a Let’s Nut it Out day in your community please contact us.

Thank you to Peter Weaving of Peter Weaving Photography for photographing the day.