Need Room? Transform a Truck!


Laurel has a really small house.  Most of her furniture is in storage because she has downsized.  Laurel runs a small business and rents an office space, but hardly uses it and when people want to stay she doesn’t have any room.  

“This is tricky, as my Dad who is 92, often wants to stay.  I really didn’t want to have to move because I love the location of my home,” Laurel explains.

She has thought about getting a shipping container, but didn’t like the thought of living within the cold and hard space. Then someone suggested to her why don’t you buy and renovate and old truck – so she did!  It is a furniture truck with an hydraulic lift and a roller door.  Measuring 5m by 2m it is quite spacious.

“I have used sustainable products where possible and put in second hand windows and eco insulation.  The  walls and ceiling are lined with eco-ply and painted with non-toxic oil.   I have used second-hand underlay and have lashed out on an offcut of black and white vinyl tiles for the floor.  Now I am in the process of putting in shelves for my office space and also a spare bed for guests.  It is amazing when you go into the space the temperature is really stable.  The next step is to install solar with batteries,” Laurel says. “I don’t want a big house or change the location where I live.  So I have reinvented where I live.”

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