Making the Most of Let’s Pivot

Here is a quick overview of Let’s Pivot, so you can get a sense of what’s on offer including:

  • Info-mailers
  • Zoom discussions
  • Online toolkit of resources and more…

About Let’s Pivot

Let’s Pivot is an online community and professional development program supporting community leaders, organisations and individuals to change their strategy without changing their vision. Find out more and get involved!

Let’s Pivot is designed as a comprehensive refresher program with various components:

  • 10 info mailers [designed to get the mental juices flowing]
  • 8 Zoom Discussions as well as other ways to connect online [to share challenges, experiences – creating a sense that we’re not in it alone]
  • Let’s Pivot Impact Hub [curated to provide information that is relevant to adapting effectively to change and determining new pathways]
  • Speakers sharing specialist and unique points of view [solutions and ideas to adapting effectively]

We recommend you set aside ‘space’ to make the most of this program:

  • time in the schedule to process the information
  • a quiet place to listen and think
  • a dedicated A4 notebook to document your ideas [and add in any handouts and other information from Let’s Pivot that has been provided]