“I am in my mid 30’s, and the next person who is close to my age is in their mid 50’s.” We are talking with Kylie McKay, a valued volunteer with the Lancefield Historical Society and a photographer of great caliber.

“I am trying to get younger people involved in the society,” Kylie explains. “We are trying to attract the interest of younger people by establishing projects that they are interested in or have some connection to.”

In the lead up to the next Make a Change even Let’s Nut it Out – where people who are thinking about projects or running a project or community group get to nut out any issues or challenges they might be facing—we are interviewing locals about the projects they are interested in making happen.

It is train lines, and also schools that don’t exist any more, that young people are interested in. “I think the train lines and the schools serve as a way for people to get connected to history.” People like to know the stories of the places where their grandparents grew up.  Visit the Facebook Page Lost Shire of Romsey Kylie manages.

Kylie also observes that the Benloch fires stirred up a greater interest in the community that was at Benloch (and over the generations has disappeared). “These little places in our area used to have thriving schools, shops, sporting clubs and churches – that now no longer exist.”

“We have so much going on with the society, and our projects need volunteers.”

Kylie’s projects at the Society also engage her skill in photography. Her photographic skills have also helped the neighbourhood house, with supplying photos for their new website, and with the fire investigation.

You can view more of Kylies work on her Facebook and Instagram Pages.


Do you have a great project on the go, or are you working with a community group to develop an idea? Then Let’s Nut it Out is for you!