Making a Choice to Grow Business


 Brenton, 26, is a young Bendigo entrepreneur and innovator.  He runs his own digital technology company which is rapidly moving into its second year of operation.  

“The pressures of underemployment and high youth unemployment, even for university graduates, is making it more difficult for young people to enter the housing market as early as they used to. Getting into the housing market is even more difficult if  those young people start a business, because banks require two years of steady financials before they will give you so much as a personal loan.”

For Brenton this means it is unlikely a financial institution would consider him, and other people in his generation suitable for a home loan.   

Being locked out of the market hasn’t deterred Brenton from focusing on his goals.  He goes onto explain; “I’m fortunate as I will build Uptake Solutions (his business) into a steady cash flow position. For those people stuck in the cycle of part time and casual work, there is very little available to help them ever enter the housing market.”

Brenton will be speaking about the challenges of being a young person in business and housing in Bendigo at  “Outside the Square Homes for Change” on Thursday the 25th of June. Join in the conversation and share solutions for our future housing needs in our community