Making a Change through Education



I was recently invited to deliver some guest lectures for La Trobe University Education students.

my view anyone can be a changemaker no matter what profession so it is a
delight to speak to groups about how they can make a change as relevant
to the profession they are studying.

In this instance the topic
of my lecture was “Teachers as Changemakers”. My intention was to have
students get present to the difference they can make as a teacher, learn
a process to create change projects and come away with new inspiration
and ideas to make a change.

I really enjoyed delivering this
lecture. Teachers can and do make a difference in so many ways – from
the content in curriculum to school projects to linking in with
community initiatives and creating entire school strategies for change.
Not to mention the amazing contribution they make to individuals every
day – it’s inspiring!

The biggest way I see teachers can make a
difference is through empowering young people as changemakers
themselves. After all, young people are our future and can make a
massive difference to the many challenges we face.

After the lecture I received some great feedback I would like to share with you.

Karen, thanks for your lecture yesterday; I am inspired to make a change. Education is a huge passion for me and I see the need to assimilate and educate the increasing number of illiterate refugees in Australia to be part of social capital.

I’m not really sure what it all looks like now but I have begun to expand on my notes from the lecture and look on line at your site and other similar initiatives and discover where I might be able to start something and gain momentum.

Dan Osment