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You can back a Changemaker for Community Led Solutions!

The work of Make a Change forwards community led solutions to challenges such as inclusion, health and wellbeing, environment, inequality and disadvantage.

For this, we are constantly looking for funding to support our work:
to enable us to expand our impact and invigorate the work of fellow Changemakers.


Your donation would assist as follows:

$80 provides a place for one changemaker to attend an Outside the Square event

Giving them the opportunity to gain new inspiration, new connections and practical pathways to join with others and take action on addressing challenges in their community


$150 provides a place for one changemaker to participate in an Expand Your Impact program

Enabling them to grow their success through upskilling in the areas of project planning, team building, community engagement and growing their own resources


“Being able to bounce back from difficult situations and to continue through difficult situations knowing it’s not easy”

$500 enables us to include a specific target group (such as youth) in a What Do You Reckon campaign

As an innovative campaign to ensure the voice of that group is heard, when it comes to communicating the real stories and perspectives of locals, on the relevant themes and challenges being addressed



$2,000 allows us to host an Inspiration Cafe

Providing more than 150 people to fully engage in conversations about local initiatives, acknowledge community leaders and encourage continued efforts to forward the positive change they want.


$5,000 provides a generous contribution towards an entire Curriculum for Change

Helping build momentum and generate positive outcomes for entire communities.

More Information

Make a Change is the community division of Jumpleads [nfp] – a charitable institution on:

The National Register of Cultural Organisations with TCC and DGR status.

We consist of a committed Board of Directors and Trustees.

Generosity and enormous swags of volunteered time and skills allow us to deliver benefits to communities.

All donations are tax deductible and are gratefully accepted no matter how big or small.

We’ll keep you updated on our progress & the value your contribution is making, in the creative endeavours to make positive change a reality.

We thank you for your commitment and vision. Without this, our work would not be possible.