Local organisations with heart, contribute to youth leadership!

Strategem, Beck Legal, BLR Constructions, Y Service Club of Bendigo and FRRR Heywire Youth Innovation are generously supporting Make a Change’s most recent 10/10 Mentoring Program. They understand tomorrow’s leaders are better able to develop their passion, with a guiding hand.

10/10 Mentoring is a 10-month capacity building program that partners passionate young people with like-minded local business mentors. The mentors help them grow their talents, confidence and skills through regular conversations, and participation in structured monthly zoom sessions.

For the partnering organisations, 10/10 has provided a practical way to give back and contribute to real and long-lasting change. Particularly in relation to creating positive local connections, strengthening youth leadership and opening up new career opportunities.

Strategem’s Community Foundation Chairman, Chris Harrington said that having the chance to make a difference is very important to the organisation.

“We’re passionate about providing our staff with opportunities to grow and develop through their career. To be able to extend this passion into the community and help young people to have the opportunity to grow, is something we feel very privileged to be a part of.”

The program has been running since January this year. Young people participating are from a range of backgrounds including the arts, science, law, sport and social justice. All participants have a common motivation, that is, to make a positive contribution to their communities.

Participant Sammy joined 10/10 to build on the foundation of leadership developed at school. He was matched with Kris from Strategem, who has experience in mentoring young people through the Strategem graduate program.  They’ve both found the experience extremely positive:

“Kris has provided a great space for me to open up about how I wish to approach different aspects of life and given me great guidance going forward as an adult.”

“I’ve really enjoyed being able to discuss with Sammy his long term goals for life and career. It’s been really rewarding and made me reflect on my own journey and how I continue to improve my leadership with the people I work with.”

The 10/10 Mentoring Program gives businesses and those established in their careers the chance to support young people develop their skills and gain valuable experience.

Shaun Langdon, Strategem CEO said “We would certainly encourage other businesses to be involved with the youth and the community if the opportunity arose. Connecting with young people is important to embed the future leaders of our businesses and community.”

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